Some Common Athletic Shoes Which You Should Know A

Athletic shoes are a type of shoes that are primarily intended for engaging in the sporting and physical activities. They are usually distinct in style and construct than the other sorts of shoes. Athletic shoes rely on the location and actual type of footwear. The athletic shoes are also called as joggers, sand shoes, jogging shoes, gym shoes, climbing shoes, or rubber sneakers, etc


They're usually used in different sporting activities such as golf, baseball, cricket, basketball, football, hockey, or running in the marathon. A particular kind of the athletic shoes additionally developed for track running.

The athletic shoes are made from flexible material and typically feature a lone of dense rubber. The luxury athletic shoes come in different shapes and sizes to match different kinds of the foot. Some of the most common brands of these Athletic sneakers include Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Converse, K-Swiss, Fred Perry, Vans, and Servis-Cheetah.


They're the particular purpose shoes which are utilized by the women and men and don't have any much difference. A number of the most common types of the athletic shoes incorporate the following.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are similar to shoes and have a particular focus on cushioning.

Golf shoes

These types of shoes are made especially for better grip in grass and wet ground. The soft-spikes which are found on these sneakers are composed of plastic like substance with prongs distributed radially around the border of each spike.

Climbing shoes


The climbing shoes are specifically designed for rock climbing. They have a smooth, sticky rubber sole with extended rubber ring and are even more secure on the toes.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes have a more flexible sole compared to jogging shoes. They are usually lighter in weight and might have air holes to allow the feet to breathe.



Skateboarding shoes have flat soles to get a better grip on a skateboard. Also, they have an excess layer of cushioning to protect the skateboarder's feet.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are outfitted with metal or plastic cleat to hold onto the pedals, and they have a rigid sole to maximize the power move.

Wrestling shoes


Wrestling shoes are light and flexible shoes that offer additional grip and protection.

Skating shoes

Skating shoes can also be referred to as skates. The skating shoes can be classified into the Ice skates, Roller skates, and Inline skates. There's also a modern version that truly has wheels built into the sole of the shoes.